Many in body One in Mind

Coomposer is a social network I have created in february 2013: it allows musicians from all over the world to create music together while at a distance. Now, your next music project is just one-click away. Are you a bass player with a bass sketch in need of just the right guitar riff for your new tune? You can exchange music files accompanied by a text message about your ideas. Or begin a collaboration with a musician who fits your needs by just searching in the Coomposer database. Interested musicians can join your project by downloading your track and playing immediately along with it to start the groundwork of a new potential hit.

Register on and create you personal profile. Specify which instrument/s you play, one or more reference genre/s, your location, along with a short introduction about yourself and the project you would like to start. You can upload music files through a Google Drive environment and share them with all the artists included in your network.

In addition, by using a simple search tool based on your location, instrument and genre, you can easily find and play with other musicians from your hometown. Easier than any other advertisement-based system, the live search feature will allow you to both share music and discuss through comments in the ‘topics’ session of the website.